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What should your digital marketing strategy be about your already acquired customers?

Should you block your ads for acquired customers OR should you keep showing the ads.

Blocking will definitely save some valuable dollars.

But based on this sentence you cannot arrive at a decision.

There is lot of after thought that needs to be given before you stop showing your ads to acquired customers.

Firstly, it depends on what your product or service is, that will be the fore runner for your digital marketing strategy.

Take for an example that you are selling Apartments, and you are running an ad campaign for the set of audience that have already been your customers.  How likely would they be willing to buy another apartment, the chances are very less.

Now imagine you selling groceries and you are running an ad campaign for the set of mixed audience which also include your existing customers. You would definitely get good returns on your ads investment.

Firstly because the product you are selling is a fast moving consumer goods and secondly but most importantly the customers is already aware of your business and products, so they are well deep into the sales funnel. The major hurdle of building trustworthyness is already crossed.

Now again lets see this scenario of you selling apartments but this time you are marketing to a list of already acquired customer who are have a high earning profile. There would be a greater chance of you selling them apartments as investment opportunity.

So while developing a successful digital marketing strategy you should understand your products, your prospective customers psychology their expense profile, your budget and mostly the sales pitch that you are generating for the audience.

At Veblogy, we experimented with different approaches to identify if the ads should be blocked for already acquired customers and our team found that blocking the ads to acquired customer did actually increased the Return on Advertising Spend.

But looking into much deeper level we found that the difference between the two ad campaigns(showing ads to acquired vs not showing ads to acquired) found only marginal growth on revenue.

While this data might totally differ from product to product, audience to audience but still it should be taken as a generalized information to ponder over.

This will help you to identify what steps you need to take to setup a remarketing campaign.

Also, completely stopping ads for current customer can prove to be disastrous. There are too many brands and too much distraction for a person to remember your products/service or brand. A regular non spammy nudge is very necessary.

I would recommend you to use/try out cheaper communication mediums to stay afresh in the minds of customer for example a simple email, SMS or a phone call can make a lot of difference.

Choose a method of remarketing that will be cheaper for you.

Again, whatever said above, always test the campaigns, study the data, understand what the data says and then implement it as a digital marketing strategy.

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