Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Along with Web Development and Website Design, we also provide VebOptimize Services that can help you to attract sufficient traffic to your website.

What is a SEO Optimization?

Web Promotion and SEO services by our makes the Search Engine optimization task effortless for the clients.

We will lodge all the services in your website that can help you to make it Search Engine Friendly. By this, we assist to get higher Rankings for the website in the major Search Engines. Our Web Development Services make all the efforts to keep the website updated and maintain the rankings of the website over a long period of time. What ever may be your business interest, it needs genius marketing strategies to make it successful. The online business too needs the same strategies with much more concentration as internet is the host for your competitors too. You need to adopt compelling online marketing strategies to promote your business online.

Search Engine Optimization – Expert’s View.

What ever may be your business interest, it needs genius marketing strategies to make it successful.

Search engine optimization (SEO) can be defined as the process of optimizing web pages in order to make them more search engine friendly to achieve high ranking in the organic search results of a search engine for specific and relevant keywords or key phrases and help potential customers and visitors to find the website. Thus, improving the volume of quality traffic produced by search engines. Search engines do algorithmic calculations to determine the relevancy of the website or the web page as compare to the desired search content and rank them accordingly in their organic or natural search results.

The main aim of any SEO practice is to find and fix problems that could prevent search engine indexing programs from fully spidering website by the search engine crawlers and to determine the working of search algorithms and to do observational study of what keywords or key phrases people use to search for the specific products or services. In this regard, Search engines have classified the methods used in search engine optimization into white hat or good and black hat or spamdexing or bad techniques such as link farms and keywords stuffing. Search engines recommend white hat practices whereas disapprove black hat techniques as they harm their user experiences.

Internet Marketing Expertise.

Strategic Internet Marketing services at VEBLOGY involves wide range of services after taking into consideration technical aspects of Internet in conjunction to other medium.

Internet Marketing services can be broadly referred to as marketing of any products or services through internet as a medium whether it is online marketing, advertising on internet or e-Marketing etc. Internet Marketing services can also be defined by the involvement of any customer interaction through Search Engine Marketing (SEM)Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)Email Marketing, Social Networking Websites or through strategies involving Web 2.0.

The interactive manner of marketing through internet is unique due to distribution of information to global media at much lower costs and that too getting an instantaneous response. You would come across different varieties of Internet Marketing through wide use of terms like Online Marketing, EMarketing, Web Marketing, Web Advertising, Internet Advertising etc. But basically it is just as serving the same food in different dishes.

A product is defined, pricing determined, distribution secured, but without a sound strategy to Market it you are destined for failure. If you have invested aggressively to bring your company’s idea to reality, don’t make the fatal mistake of overlooking a good Marketing Strategy.

Website Speed Optimization

 You want to provide the best experience possible for your visitors and page load speed is a significant part of user experience.

Our website optimizing services improve your website for speed, and faster website will improve the conversion rate.

Key points for website optimizing services

  • Page Speed Optimization
  • File Compression
  • Minify HTML
  • Minify CSS
  • Eliminate Render-Blocking JavaScript and CSS in Above-The-Fold Content
  • Leverage Browser Caching
  • Enable Compression
  • Enable HTTP Keep-Alive Response Headers
  • Configuration and Set up of a Content Delivery Network (“CDN”) on the Website
  • Mobile-friendly testing
  • Website speed/performance testing

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