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In the modern/digital world, website is one of the best, reliable and cost-effective ways to promote your business, services and products. Because of this, it is very important and mandatory, that you update your website (Website updates) periodically to keep it informative, live, relevant, secure and safe.

Regular design and content updates (Website updates) can practically save you time and money. It is about keeping your visitors engaged with your website. In Modern days, digital world introducing new web standards, features and securities. In addition, search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo are regularly updating their crawler algorithm to provide the relevant and accurate search results. These algorithm changes/updates are critical to maintaining your site’s appearance in search results.

Why you should update your website Periodically?

There are several reasons for Website updates, but we can consider top 5 here.

1) Graphical and Visual Appeal
The UI/Graphical appearance of your website is a direct impression of your business. It is mandatory that you redesign your website periodically to follow new web standards and latest web design trends.
Suppose your site having outdated UI and unstructured layout,then potential clients may assume/consider or think that your business is outdated and sub standard as well.
Your website should be designed to look clean and nice. Your website should be easy to navigate on multiple devices and it should pragmatically adjust content placement for each of these devices like Desktop, Tablet and Mobiles devices (Responsive Designs or Mobile first approach).
Updated graphics, provide a improved user-friendly experience.

2) Content
Even your website’s first impression is your website’s Graphical and Visual Appeal, but content is key which keep engaged your visitors for long time on your website. While redesigning your website, you should fine-tune / rewrite your content. You have to use trending hashtags, keywords and links that appeal visitors interest. New content can grab more new visitors and potential clients.
In regular website updates, new/modified content gives you result as increased traffic and conversions

3) Visitors Usability
In latest web design trends, visitors easily adopt technology changes. For example, on desktop or large screens, horizontal navigation is expected by visitors but at small devices visitors are looking for “hamburger menu”, which is a small icon identified by three horizontal lines. This icon is now universally assumed as a click that opens a vertical navigation menu.
If your website is producing less leads and clients, then you must focus its usability on interactive elements that appeal visitors to take action like click on call-to-action buttons (CTAs).
For Usability statistics and observations, you can follow techniques like google tag manager, conversion tracking and heat mapping. These reports can help you to understand how visitors traverse your website and help you to plan regular website updates.

4) Security
To be sure that your site is not hacked. Hacked Website can harm visitors device. Sometimes haked instance is noticed easily but sometimes it affect your website unknowingly. Hacked website can eventually flagged your domain as blacklisted. As you know importance of website, that could be a big disaster for your business.
To be secure, one of the most important things you can do is to implement HTTPS (using SSL Certificates). Another important steps is make sure your website stays up-to-date. Whatever CMS you are using like WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Drupal or other content management system (CMS), you need to make sure that these software are up-to-date with modern technologies and Security patches.
By regularly updating your website, you can help prevent security threats to your website.

5) Performance and Optimization
There are many factors that affect your website Performance. Top factors are page load time, rendered page size, optimization of images, caching, and even your web hosting response. While doing regular Website updates you should consider this.
In modern days, it is important that you grab the attention of your visitors within few seconds (Less than 5 sec). Search engines will place you top in search results if your website Performance is on par. Simple logic is here as, your website should loads faster than your competitors website.

Fresh, Clean, Updated, Fast and secure website updates grab your visitors/clients attention and your website produces more leads.

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