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Are you planning to grow your business digitally?

If you are looking for more Business Growth using digital marketing, you need to plan things very delicately so that you can reap the full benefits of every invested dollar.

I am sure you might have received a call saying we promote your Business Growth through Google ads or Facebook ads you are possibly going to throw your marketing budget right into the drain.

Yes, most of the calls will only lead you to creating an account, funding the account, creating ads and running the campaign.

When the budget exhausts you will get a report with how many times your ads were clicked and the price per click.

You might think what else do I need?

A report probably would help you to understand what exactly happened to your dollars.

A report that would help you plan if you can succeed in the digital world.


Is digital marketing only about Google & Facebook Ads?

Digital marketing is NOT just about posting ads.

It is far more extensible and needs a lot more things to make ad campaigns successful.

In short, you need to set up your sales funnel that can actually get the most out of each campaign.

So ideally if you are investing only into ads and not focusing on setting up a sales funnel you are going to lose most of your marketing budget right away.

What would be the stages of successfully growing business digitally?

To make a successful beginning you need a good handsome budget, a successful partner to run your campaigns and tools that can generate reports for you to keep you on the road of success.


Being blunt here, digital marketing is not ideal for Business Growth with a small marketing budget.

The small budget here is being referred to as a limited budget/one-time budget.

A small budget will not only restrict your reach but it will not make an impact on your target audience.

And eventually, you will not be getting the results as expected.

If you need extraordinary results you would need extraordinary will power and budget.


You can off-course do it at your end but you need to have extensive knowledge of how ads network work, marketing tactics and access to tools that will generate reports for you and the main thing TIME!

Digital marketing is not a one-time setup, you need to plan each step and keep reengineering until we get the best results.

For this, you need to have a partner with all the knowledge and tools. Knowledge not only of ads network but also the knowledge of consumer psychology.

And this is where Veblogy can make digital marketing a piece of cake for you.


Tools are an important way to check where your digital marketing campaigns are going.

We have some of the uniquely designed tools specialized in reporting the exact data that make decision making easier and campaigns profitable which is one of the added advantages that can save you lots of dollars.



We have a proven formula of digital marketing success,  which has helped lots of companies in growing their customer base,  optimising their digital marketing budgets and driving out the competition.

Let’s have a discussion on how we can help in building a future in the digital world.

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