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Website AMC 2019

Your Website is the most important marketing tool you have

The security and maintenance of your Website AMC is serious business, and what you don’t know can certainly hurt you.

A hacked or ‘spamvertised’ site can wreak havoc on search rankings for weeks or more without you knowing about it. Not to mention the negative effect on your reputation and sales if your customers notice your broken Website AMC before you do.

Our maintenance packages (Website AMC) can stop your website being hacked and a lot more, including email support.

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“38% of WordPress Websites were attacked by an unauthorised outsider in the last year”

While many WordPress websites owners think they will keep up with software updates, this fails to happen. Website owners frequently get caught up with life, work, and publishing content. In doing so, they completely forget about keeping their website software updated and their data backed up.

WordPress is just like any software used on desktops, tablets, or phones. It needs to be regularly updated for functional and security updates. If users fail to do so, they open themselves up to broken functionality, malware, and Google warnings of security issues.

WordPress maintenance contracts are great for providing peace of mind and security for your Website AMC while also protecting your online marketing efforts.

What are included in this service:

  • Personalized WordPress Support
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Make weekly full backup of databases and theme design files
  • Safe storage of a backup copy of your website that you have access to at any time
  • Complete any updates for plugins
  • Updating WordPress core software to the most stable current update
  • Check functionality of all plug-ins and recommend new ones if support/upgrades are no longer available
  • Ongoing Security Scanning
  • Changing/strengthening passwords
  • Database Optimization
  • Manual IP blocking
  • Website Restores
  • Email Configurations
  • Discounted Rate on Additional Services
  • Educational Videos
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