Recently came across an interesting fact of how facebook is hiding its ads from adblockers.I had to see it myself before believing if it was true.Is it really a matter of concern even for a company like facebook hiding adblockers?

Recently Facebook was in news for all the bad reasons. Let’s not discuss that here.

So, how does a company like Facebook get affected by these adblockers?

For those who don’t know what adblockers are: Ad blockers are basically a tool that comes with your anti-virus or as an add-on for your browser.

These tools block advertisements from websites that earn revenue by showing you ads or they make money if you click on the shown ads.

Some sites basically survive on these ads, some sites you might love dearly are just up and running because of this ads revenue.

So how moral is it to block facebook hiding adblockers? is a question to be answered for some other day.

But definitely it is bringing loss to many websites and Facebook is one of them.

When many sites are struggling to come up with a solution to bypass the blocks implemented by adblockers, Facebook came up with this.



It is breaking up the word Sponsored using span for each alphabet.

To further make the word Sponsored more hard for adblocker to detect they have random arrangements for the alphabets dumped into the multiple span elements.

They are hiding the spans that are not required for creating the word SPONSORED using CSS.

Wonderful solution, intelligent and easy.

The thought to ponder over is, if Facebook has to do this, definitely adblockers are killing the ad revenue of Facebook.

If your site works on the ad revenue model someday your site will too have to be adapted to these changes.

If you are maintaining a website at your end, I recommend you not to use the following words as names for your images.

  • banner
  • banner-image
  • ad-banner
  • ad-image
  • sponsored

There are many other similar words and combination that might be blocked by adblockers and your image might not show up on many browsers though it has nothing to do with ads.

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