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Do you have website? If yes, Has your site been hacked? How to Check?

Confirmed your website marked as Hacked Website.

To be sure that your site is not hacked, please follow our checklist to be sure that your site is safe.

1) Google Chrome (or another browser) Alerts You To The Hack
If your website visitors see warnings in Chrome (Phishing attach Ahead or The Site ahead contains malware), your website site has been hacked and infected with malware. Hacked Website affect your business and reputations. 

2) Your Hosting Provider trued off your Website, Because it is Hacked Or you receive alert from hosting company
In this case your host company may have received reports from site visitors that your site has been hacked, their own automated security tools may have alerted them or they may have received alerts from automated systems outside their own company. In either case, they will usually immediately take your site offline. Hacked Websites are harmful for domains, linked pages and other websites which are hosted on same network. 

3) Google Search Results Flag Your Site as Hacked or Harmful
If you, or one of your site visitors notice the following in the search results that include your site, it has likely been hacked.
— This site may be hacked
— This site may harm your computer

Google - This site may be hacked

This site may be hacked

Google - This site may harm your computer

This site may harm your computer

Due to Hacked Website Google will restrict traffic to your website until it’s cleaning. Hacked Website strongly affect organic search and SEO

4) Broken source code
In this case your visitors will see broken and irrelevant code.

5) A malicious redirect –
In this case your site visitors redirected to another websites. Sometime redirection happened only when visitors came from search results.

Hacked Website redirection can harm visitors device.

Need Help with a Hacked Website?
Our Team of security experts will clean the infection and remove malicious content. Once your website is restored, we will provide a detailed report.
Contact Us for more details

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