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With the privacy concerns rising, CEO of apple Tim Cook is looking over how to improve the security and privacy of iOS users.

Identifier for Advertisers or in short IDFA is a unique number (randomized) that is associated with every iOS user which helps advertisers and data analysis companies to understand and evaluate how the user has interacted with the advertiser.

Apple brand is always focused and stood strong in terms of security and privacy of its users, be it cases where they were asked to unlock iPhones for investigation or user tracking. They have always valued the users privacy concerns.

To enhance this image, Apple might get rid of IDFA. Already Safari has ITP (Intelligent Tracking Prevention) a feature that forces advertisers to serve only non-personalized ads, which was not taken well by advertisers.

And now Apple is looking into getting rid of IDFA, this will be potentially damaging the monetization model that app developers use, infact there would be huge setback if IDFA is phased out.

As a digital marketer it would be impossible for you to show related ads to users. If IDFA goes, it would be like playing blindly by advertising to all without any idea how the things will work out for your campaign.

But, as this monetization and advertising model has been so hugely successful, it wont be thrown out without a replacement.

So lets wait and watch what apple comes up by tomorrow (22nd June 2020).

Keep your fingers crossed and hope for the best.



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