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It is no secret that Google successful is far and away the most successful search engine in the world. In fact it dominates its industry like few other companies can. This raises the question of just why are Google so successful? There are actually a few reasons that they have been able to dominate the market.

Far and away the biggest reason for Google successful is that they provide the best search results for their users. This has always been their goal and it is something that they are constantly striving to do. They are constantly updating their search algorithm to ensure that when you search for something you will get the best and most relevant results. This is something that they clearly do better than their competitors. One of the challenges facing search engines is that internet marketers are always trying to manipulate the results to get their site to rank near the top. Google better than any other search engine has been able to limit their success in this regard and ensure that the user is able to find what they are looking for.

The reason that Google are able to provide the best search results brings us to the second reason for their Google successful, they invest far more in technology than any other search engine. It is well known that Google’s search algorithm is by far the most sophisticated and it is that way because they spend huge sums of money to make sure that it is. They are constantly upgrading it to make sure that they remain the best.

Another key to Google successful is that they have actually figured out a way to make money with their search engine. This is not a small detail because over the years many search engines have been created that got lots of users only to fail because they couldn’t find a way t monetize all of those users. This is a common theme amongst online businesses in general. Google created a paid search program called Adwords that allows companies to buy advertising space alongside the search results. As a result Google have not only the most widely used search engine but also the most profitable. This of course gives them the money to invest in making sure that they stay ahead of their competitors by providing the best search results.

The last key to Google’s success is that they have built one of the best known brands in the world. In fact Google is not just a company name it is now a verb that is used synonymously with a web search. This did not just happen it was the result of a concerted marketing effort and it makes it hard for others to compete with them. After all if people automatically associate Google with search engines it is pretty hard to get them to try a different one.

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