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Most online store or ecommerce owners are investing time and money into building social communities, and more and more are turning to content marketing. The problem is, these approaches are slow in bringing results and most businesses don’t or can’t implement Social Reviews media and content marketing strategies effectively.

So what is the quickest, easiest and cheapest way to implement a sustainable marketing channel that will bring you qualified traffic right now?

Yotpo Social Reviews is a free plug-and-play Social Reviews solution for Magento Enterprise and Community Editions that helps store owners generate a ton of reviews for their products—which translates to a ton of socially-relevant, highly-qualified content. Yotpo seamlessly integrates with social accounts so businesses can automatically push reviews to their Facebook and Twitter accounts, and this traffic is highly qualified which means more time on site, pages viewed and more sales.

Key to getting these reviews are the highly-optimized mail-after-purchase emails which are automatically sent (at customizable intervals) to customers after they make a purchase. These emails convert between 8-10% of customers to reviewers that are all sharing their purchases and reviews with their social circles.

Implementing Yotpo takes less than ten minutes and, because all the major functions of Yotpo can be automated, the ten minutes invested in setting up Yotpo will result in a sustainable marketing channel that will help automate word-of-mouth marketing and bring a continuous flow of highly-qualified traffic.

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