What is Lead Funnel?

Lead funnel is a process or system which is used to direct prospective consumers into stages and convert them into paying customers.

Rarely does anyone buy from you the first time they see your product or services.

The consumers need to be aware of your products or services , they need to interested before they have a desire to buy.

Once there is a desire they take the buying action of your products or services .

The above described process is simplest explanation of lead funnel.

And as this process narrows down the consumers and it looks like a funnel it is called a Lead funnel.


A lead funnel ideally follows AIDA Stages. AIDA is a short form of

A wareness

I nterest

D esire

A ction

The consumer or the lead is made aware about your products or services.

Then an interest is raised into your products or services.

A desire to use your products or services is formed within the consumers.

And finally the consumer decides to take action to buy your product or services.

The benefits of having a lead funnel is all these steps are followed in the required sequence and it becomes easier for you to sell your products or services.

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