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I am a big fan of simplicity. Some of my favorite quotes reflect this “less is more” , “keep it simple”, and “are you going to eat that? “. I live in the land of sushi and believe the world would be healthier if everything people ate had 5 ingredients or less. I don’t own a TV or use a cellphone for anything other than testing new apps and responsive designs and JavaScript UI. They were both replaced with an iPad.

The best house near me is for a true minimalist. It was built and laid out using a simple grid system that divides the space into three living quarters. The layout feels like the architects were working on a new web design and halfway through decided to create a house instead.

My appreciation for all that is simple gives me a moderate level of enjoyment in introducing the new open source JavaScript UI library called w2ui. It is a nimble 37kb (minified and gziped) which means that the load and execution times will be done in a flash, pun intended. It is 12 times smaller than Ext JS and 6 times smaller than Kendo UI. The w2ui code is licensed under the “if it’s free, it’s for me” license also known as the MIT license.

The w2ui is a complete set of UI widgets for data-driven web applications. Inside you will find these JavaScript UI widgets; layout, grid, toolbar, sidebar, tabs, popup, form, fields, and utilities. Check out the demos, peak at the docs, and then give it a try. w2ui is also on GitHub.

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