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At VEBLOGY Innovative technology Pvt. Ltd at first we begin web development processes innovative ideas, as they are the key to success of every project irrespective of its size. The growth process can follow a number of principles or company precise plans. Our contemporary approach and established methodology ensures that our clients receive incredible results that are mainly designed to fulfill their specific needs. It is our firm dedication that helps us to provide with solutions that not only deliver the project objectives but also set standards in the industry. Our web development process includes the following steps:

Gathering the requirements

Systems Analysis

 We first initiate contact with the clients to get a crystal clear idea of their requirements. After collecting the raw data/materials we evaluated for their legitimacy and prospect of incorporating the ideas in the developing phase.

The requirement specifications from primary phase are studied carefully and a listing involving the details of the proposed items are arranged in an organized manner and then technically documented.

Planning and designing


In this stage by and large structure of the software and its lay-out are definite to plan different milestones of the development and it is here that the rational system of the product is developed.

In receipt of the design documents the coding phase starts. Diminutive modules are developed initially and then they are incorporated and implemented to meet their specifications.

Quality Testing

Once the coding phase is completed, testing begins. We try different testing methodologies in order to detect the bugs. The bugs are fixed during quality testing phase and the final website is tested to make sure that it meets the client’s requirements without any flaw.

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