What is a lead?  

Lead is a prospective consumer who is interested in your  products or services and voluntarily provide their contact information to you.

In easy words- Lead is a consumer who is actively looking for product or service that you are providing and shows interest in buying from you.

The consumer contacts you or leaves their contact information in return of more information about your product or service.

This lead can turn out into a sale.

  • Hot Leads
  • Cold Leads

90% Leads Are Cold Leads

According to a survey, 90% of the inquiries generated are

cold leads ( meaning: not ready to buy yet.)

In simple terms, out of 100 consumers that visit your

shop/website/ business only 10 are paying you.

The other 90 are potential paying customers but there

are some reasons they do not buy from you.

It could be pricing, service or any other reason.

For your business to grow, you will need to have an ever flowing amount of hot leads.

This is where we assist 1000’s of businesses to generate leads and increase sales.

We have helped businesses to improve their conversion ratio ( meaning: making more sales with more accurate leads) with accurate leads and a complete lead generation system.

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